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本次演出取材自十九世紀極富盛名的劇作家─王爾德的劇本《溫夫人的扇子》一書,以及21世紀初改編的電影A Good Woman/《美麗誘惑》。全劇以倫敦的貴族社交圈為場景,隨著神祕美麗的艾琳夫人到來,掀起一陣波瀾。艾琳夫人與溫先生密切的往來引起喜好八卦的名媛貴婦們的關注。八卦流言輾轉傳到溫夫人耳裡以及疑似出軌的證據,似乎打破了溫氏夫婦完美的婚姻。艾琳夫人的出現究竟會為倫敦的上流社會掀起甚麼樣的風波呢?讓我們一起從劇


The story is based on a famous nineteenth century playwright, Oscar Wilde’s premier successful drama—Lady Windermere’s Fan, and its twentieth century movie adaption—A Good Woman. The noble social circle in London is the major setting. With the mysterious appearance of the attractive Mrs. Erylnne in the noble class, a storm is stalking the whole London city. The intimacy between Mrs. Erylnne and Lord Windermere raises a lot of attentions among gossipy celebrities. With rumors and evidence at hands, Lady Windermere begins to suspect her husband’s affair with Mrs. Erylnne. A perfect marriage seems to fall apart. What connotation does Mrs. Erylnne mean to the noble class in London? Stay tuned for unraveling the secrets.


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