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奧斯卡‧王爾德 (1854 ~ 1900)



Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde, an Irish writer and poet, has been famous for his witty epigrams, plays, and fantastic short stories.  He published his first poem collection after his graduation from University of Oxford.  After his settling in London and marriage, he continually published his works, varying from short stories to essays.  However, what truly made him a household name was his plays, such as Lady Windermere’s Fan, which is also known as his first theatrical success.  Despite his works’ popularity, Wilde remained controversial.  For example, in 1895, he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment under charges of “gross indecency,” i.e., homosexuality in the modern context.  After being released from jail, Wilde exiled himself and never went back to England.  He died in Paris in 1900, at the age of 46.

作者介紹 About the Playwright

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