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Motive 選劇動機

歷經了不斷的尋找與討論,編劇們終於選擇由王爾德所著的《溫夫人的扇子Lady Windermere’s Fan,同時融合了改編自原著的電影劇本《美麗誘惑》A Good Woman為此次公演的劇本。


After countless searching and brainwork, the script editors and core team members eventually saw eye to eye with one another on the selection of Oscar Wild’s Lady Windermere’s Fan with the integration of the movie adaption, A Good Woman, as the final play version for the graduation performance.
Oscar Wilde is known for his observing personal affections and making every character an epitome of society. Being homosexual, Wilde frequently showed his opinions distinct from secular ones. In this play, his biting satire on the ideas of love and marriage has deeply mesmerized audience. As a result, we present this play in the hope that you can enjoy the word feast constructed by Wilde.

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